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Mayencourt seeks
discount ray bans Liberal nomination for Vancouver

The battle to become the new Liberal candidate for the Vancouver False Creek provincial riding is heating up with the announcement former MLA Lorne Mayencourt has thrown his hat into the ring.

Mayencourt made the announcement Wednesday, Nov. 21, at small gathering at La Terrazza restaurant downtown, ending weeks of speculation he would run against another political heavyweight, former mayor Sam Sullivan, who announced his own candidacy earlier this month.

Mayencourt was the Liberal MLA for the Vancouver Burrard riding from 2001 to
discount ray bans 2008. He then took a stab at federal politics, running unsuccessfully as a Conservative candidate in the Vancouver Centre riding against incumbent Liberal MP Hedy Fry. politics.

One thing I discovered after I left in 2008 was that I actually missed the people the people who work in the building, the people who work in the legislative assembly, and I also see lots of need and things I can be doing that can be very productive as far as providing a new basis for what our government puts forward, he told the Courier shortly before announcing his candidacy. I had a great experience running in 2008 but I think I fit better into a provincial setting.

The eventual winner will represent a riding that gave the Liberals 59 per cent of the vote to the NDPs 27 per cent in the last election. The Liberals are trailing badly in recent province wide polls.

Mayencourt says he isnt worried about the partys lack of popularity under Premier Christy Clark.

I remember many years ago, I met up with Senator Ray Perrault, and he said to me: On a good day, son, only half the people hate you. So there is always going to be a time when governments, like our own or NDP governments or what have you, are going to be unpopular because of decisions that theyve made.

However, if unsuccessful in the nomination meeting, Mayencourt says he doesnt think hell run for office again as a candidate of the federal Conservatives.

Something I discovered is, the kind of legislation that gets dealt with at the federal level, while it is important, it is not as close to home as the province is There certainly are some dividing lines for me like the closing of the Coast
fake ray bans Guard, the management of the port from Victoria and a couple of other issues that relate to a womans choice with respect to abortions and stuff like that. We just dont match up on it and I dont think that thats representative of the community that I want to represent.

Others running for the nomination, expected to be decided by February, include former federal Liberal candidate Mary Pynenburg and lawyers Jacob
replica ray bans Kojfmann and Brian Fixter. The eventual winner will take on political newcomer Matt Toner, a tech company entrepreneur who unexpectedly defeated Constance Barnes last week to become the ridings NDP candidate.Articles Connexes:


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Stolen vehicle turns up in local parking lot

Police looking for a stolen car found it shortly after it
cheap ray ban outlet was reported missing when a suspicious vehicle was reported parked in a parking lot.

The 2006 Pontiac G6 had been parked, unlocked, in the

300 block of Second Street, and was stolen sometime overnight Tuesday. on Wednesday and police say
discount ray bans that it turned up about 45 minutes later.

replica ray bans TMs when they got a call about a suspicious vehicle parked in a parking lot in the 1400 block of Van Horne Avenue East, which turned out to be the stolen car.

Police say they TMre giving
discount ray bans the car a close going over for forensic evidence. The theft remains under investigation.

Brandon Sun

Republished from the Brandon Sun print edition July 11, 2014

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best designer bikinis in Orlando

discount ray bans for the perfect Spring Break bikini? Everything But Water is the swimwear source, selling a wide range of swimsuits. One of the nice things about their swimwear line is that you can purchase separates, allowing you to mix and match to create a style that you love. You can choose from a variety of famous designer brands like Roxy, True Religion, Lucky Brand, Betsy Johnson and more. New arrivals for Spring are bohemian, chic, whimsical, and tie dyed.

So what are you waiting for, girls? Start cleaning out your closet and go shopping for a new swimsuit. Hopefully over Spring Break you will be concentrating on surf lessons, strawberry daiquiris, and leaving your books behind. Don’t be caught in an outdated bikini, look your sexiest in a new spring bikini. Before you decide on a bikini, there will
cheap ray bans probably be a couple of things on your mind like price, style, color, and brand. This spring be on the lookout for the latest trends like bright tie dyes, bohemian chic, tropical goddess, pink florals, and solid muted greens, yellows, and blues.

For the true surfer girl check out new arrivals from Everything But Water, like Roxy’s Surf Essentials line. This is a two piece bikini with a sliding triangle top, and tie side hipster bottom. At $36 dollars for each piece, Roxy’s Surf Essentials is the perfect Woodstock tiki bikini. You can also buy a matching cover up dress in the same Roxy
replica ray ban sunglasses swim wear line available in black. The dress has four simple x back straps, and a ruffle across the neckline.

Laid back and chilled out bohemian styles are also going to be on the spring 2010 bikini checklist. Look out for gorgeous styles by Becca like the Bohemian Collection with a versatile bandeau top that comes with an adjustable halter strap, available in the color banana. Choose from three different bikini bottoms like the single tie side bottom, tab side hipster, and asymmetrical hipster with beaded mock tie side. Becca’s Bohemian
cheap ray bans styles are also available through the retailer Everything But Water.

Everything But Water has been seen in Sports Illustrated 2010, sported in fashion magazines and worn by famous celebrities.Articles Connexes:


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Top 7 Lessons Learned While Growing Up
Michael Kors handbags On The Farm

The cows don’t care if you’re having a bad day, and still need to be milked anyway.

Lesson: Sometimes in business, even when we don’t want to follow through, we must force ourselves to get certain ‘MUST DO’ jobs done in order to not spoil
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet the milk, I mean ‘cash flow’.

Lesson: By planning ahead, and getting the most commonly needed tools you’ll need to succeed in life, you’ll
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet be able to take advantage of the universal law, which states: "Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness".

The stuff that stinks the most, can make your crops grow better than any man made fertilizer that you can buy.

Lesson: Just because something is hard or stinks, doesn’t mean there isn’t something valuable inside of it, or a lesson, or an experience or opportunity to speed up your growth development.

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise.

Lesson: Don’t wait till 9am to start your day. Start it at 4 or 5am, and by 9am, you will be 4 5 hours AHEAD of your competition. This lesson can go both ways for early risers or night owls. :)

Working hard on the farm, doesn’t always mean you will be financially rewarded. Sometimes the Wind Rains, or lack of sunshine can destroy your profits overnight.

Lesson: Diversify your portfolio, without losing control of your niche, AND buy crop insurance. ; ) No, seriously, while "Mother Nature" may control the profitability of a crop, you are STILL not the mercy of the wind/rain/sunshine if you plan properly, and have backup plans for when things can and will go wrong.

Farming for fun is totally different than Farming for profit. The best or most profitable farmers today, are
replica Michael Kors handbags actually business folks, who are dead serious about building their business, and that just happens to be a farm instead of maybe an office suite.

Lesson: There are hobbies and there are businesses. Which one are you running? Many folks who claim
Michael Kors handbag outlet to be in business, are actually running a hobby. The difference is in your level of seriousness as to how big you want to build your enterprise, and where you want
Michael Kors handbags to end up.

Hired help never care as much as you do about your
replica Michael Kors handbags Farm, and maybe they never will.

Lesson: But, that doesn’t prevent you from setting up systems, expectations, procedures, and accountability reporting to ensure that your standards are being met. Remember: What gets measured, gets managed.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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School phone message hoax

The clip has been uploaded by at least three people who say teachers at the Sunshine Coast school unanimously
cheap Michael Kors handbags voted to record the message which gives callers a number of humorous options to follow.

The message has been circulated around the world and has previously been attributed to other schools and frequently identified as a hoax.

However, the clip has been posted on an American blog site by someone called Thomas Lifson where it had attracted more than 35,000 views on Wednesday, September 15.

"If this isn a comedy bit," Lifson wrote, "there are educators with brains, fortitude and a sense of humor still teaching in Australia."

The message tells callers to press one of they want to "lie about" their child is absent or press four if they want to "swear at staff members".

The female voice, which carries an English sounding accent, also invites parents to
Michael Kors discounts "make excuses" about why students have not done homework.

It not all negative and there is one encouraging option, to teachers at least.

"If you realise this is the real world and your child must be
cheap Michael Kors responsible
fake Michael kors handbags outlet for his or her own
discount Michael Kors behaviour, class work
cheap michael kors and homework, and that it not the teacher fault for your child lack of effort, hang up and have a nice day," the woman says.

An Education Queensland spokeswoman said the department was aware of the YouTube clips but did not suspect jovial teachers were behind the stunt.

"This message is clearly a hoax that appears in many forms on the internet and is in no way connected to the school," she said.

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a plan for rapid transit

The 3.6 kilometre first phase of the busway, which runs from Queen Elizabeth Way near The Forks to Jubilee Avenue near Pembina Highway, opened in April 2012 at a cost of $138 million. But a deal to extend the corridor to the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus was mired in a city provincial funding dispute.

Standing inside Osborne Station on Tuesday, Premier Greg Selinger
Michael Kors handbags outlet and Mayor Sam Katz announced an end to the impasse by agreeing to complete the transitway as part of a larger package of Fort Garry infrastructure projects that also
fake Michael kors handbags outlet includes the widening of the Jubilee underpass and combined sewer replacements.

"Everybody loves drama. The good thing about a drama, there’s a denouement, a conclusion," said Selinger, explaining how he and Katz went from accusing each other of sabotaging the transitway completion in June to agreeing on a plan in November.

"We’ve been working on it for quite a few months," added Katz. "To be very frank, from a point (of view) of government, it actually moved quite quickly."

The plan on the table calls for the city and province to each contribute $225 million for the overall project, which includes the $425 million transitway job, the $105 million Jubilee underpass reconstruction and a $70 million worth of combined sewer replacements in the vicinity of Calrossie Boulevard and Cockburn Street. The underpass job would involve an additional northbound lane on Pembina Highway and a bike and pedestrian lane.

The city plans to ask Ottawa to provide the remaining $150 million through the P3 Canada Fund, a pool of money made available for public private projects. The transitway, however, would remain city owned and operated.

Co ordinating all this work will cut down on traffic disruption and eliminate
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet the need to relocate rail lines more than once, Winnipeg chief operating officer Deepak Joshi said in June, when the larger project was proposed.

Selinger said the integrated project will cut down on traffic disruption by two years and will also be cheaper than conducting three separate jobs.

He also expressed confidence Ottawa will approve the proposal, given significant recent federal commitments to rapid transit projects in Toronto, Ottawa and other Canadian cities.

"There’s no question that the federal government is starting to show more interest in good public transportation in other parts of country. We fully expect them to treat Manitoba in the same way as other parts of the country," the premier said.

A response from Ottawa is expected by the summer
Michael Kors handbags of 2014. Katz said the project must proceed even
Michael kors handbags outlet without federal help. "In my mind, it has to go ahead, absolutely," he said.

St. James Brooklands Coun. Scott Fielding, who voted against the first phase of the Southwest Transitway, said all three levels of government should priortize new regional roads if $600 million worth of infrastructure funding is available. More Winnipeggers would benefit from extending William Clement Parkway or Chief Peguis Trail, he said.

"People have talked about completing the ring road in Winnipeg for 35 years and for
cheap Michael Kors whatever reason, we haven’t done it," said Fielding, a fiscal conservative mulling a 2014 mayoral run.

Fort Rouge East Fort Garry Coun. Jenny Gerbasi, council’s most vocal rapid transit proponent, said Winnipeg has waited long enough.

"It’s pretty startling when you think about how long this project has been on the books," said Gerbasi, referring to the project’s inception in 1976. "We are way behind other major cities in investing in rapid transit."

Many transit passengers agree. Only metres away from Katz and Selinger’s press conference, West St. Paul resident Justin Fekete, waiting at Osborne Station, was skeptical when told the Southwest Transitway would be completed in 2019.

"I’ll probably have graduated by that time," said the U of M student. "I’ll probably be dead, too."

Total proposal: $600 million

City of Winnipeg commitment: $225 million, primarily by borrowing.

Provincial commitment: $225 million, primarily by borrowing.

Request from Ottawa: $150 million through the P3 Canada Fund.

Southwest Transitway ($425 million): The completion of the city’s first dedicated bus corridor. The second phase would run seven kilometres from Jubilee Avenue to the University of Manitoba’s Fort Garry campus, jogging through the Parker lands and a Manitoba Hydro corridor along the way. The work will require the construction of four bridges, including a new transitway span over Pembina Highway, and 10 new transit stations, including a large terminal near Investors Group Field. Access to the U of M campus will likely start along Markham Road and run through the former Southwood golf course lands.

Jubilee Avenue underpass ($105 million): The reconstruction of the Jubilee underpass will see northbound Pembina Highway widened to three lanes. The city will also add a bike and pedestrian trail at what is now a choke point for commuter cyclists.

Cockburn Calrossie drainage ($70 million): Combined sewer replacements in the Point Road and Lord Roberts neighbourhoods.

Why do this all at once? City engineers say doing all three
fake Michael Kors jobs separately would disrupt traffic for two years longer than would be necessary if the work was conducted as integrated regional project.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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oakleys sunglasses the republicans based their entire convention on the biographies of Sarah Palin and reminding us over and over and over and over again about McCain bravery and prisoner of war experience, I wonder what has happened to that bravery since McCain left the Hanoi Hilton.

Somehow I beginning to have my doubts on just how brave McCain might be if he had to have a sit down with Putin or any other world leader who poses a threat for that matter, when he can even bring himself to sit down across the table from Larry King and answer a few questions on how he might decide to rule the country.

Larry King is a a very popular interviewer on CNN
wholesale oakleys and generally considered a thrower of softballs to those he interviews. Nothing to fear from Larry King. Going on his show is usually seen as an opportunity to showcase ones self, talk about your last book, etc. and in Mccain case he might even have been able to inform us a bit about some policies beyond waving the fear of a 911 remembered, in our faces.

The aid wouldn or couldn answer. McCain got pissed and in retaliation agaonst CNN declined to appear on a scheduled Larry King Live show. So revenge seems to be how McCain responds to stuff he doesn like. Sounds like a dangerous hot head to me. Surely not
fake oakleys cheap someone you want running the country,
oakleys sunglasses someone with his hand on our
oakleys sunglasses nukes. No thanks McCain.

Meanwhile, a sharp contrast with Barack Obama. Barack accepted an invitation from right wing attack dog Bill O Barack had to enter the lions den of Fox News and sit face to face with O who is known for calling liberals "loons" and "pinheads". Does Barack go off in a snit? No. Barack showed his true smarts, and bravery, by going toe to toe with the venom spewing O Now Larry King is NO MATCH for Billy boy who even managed to shake the demeanor of Bill Clinton.
cheap replica oakleys He is an expert at goading folks into going crazy. But it looks like Obama scored high marks in keeping his cool on Thursday night. I sorry I missed it, and if you a republican you probably did too, as you were watching your hero in a more "protected" environment.

But, hey, O wants to take another stab at Obama, and Obama, being the smart, clever, articulate and brave guy that he is, accepted the challenge I hear there are 4 more
cheap oakleys segments of this Obama/O sit down. Check Fox News for time of broadcast.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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What You Need In Triathlon Sunglasses

The true triathlete knows better though. They know that the
fake oakley sunglasses cheap right pair of shades will have them seeing well throughout
fake cheap oakleys their workouts and their racing.

They will protect him from debris that gets thrown up. They
cheap wholesale oakleys will also keep away the glare that will cause fatigue to set in. So, yes, triathlon sunglasses are important aspects to the triathlon gear set.

You can also look for those that have
replica oakleys advanced equalizing systems that will take light and
cheap oakleys give you the best color quality and light quality available. Others can help with preventing fogging.

The good news is that for anyone looking for a great pair of
fake oakleys triathlon sunglasses, they are not hard to come by.

In fact, you
fake oakley sunglasses cheap can pick them up right online.

Consider the features on all of them. Which ones make
fake oakleys the most sense for your game?

Which features are just too good to pass up? No matter what, if you are a triathelete, you’ll need a great pair of sunglasses to get you through the race.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


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terror center blasted for big TVs

The criticism of the purchases at the so called "fusion center" in San Diego was contained
cheap replica oakleys in a 141 page report that found massive spending leading to few results from 70
fake oakley sunglasses hubs nationwide designed to coordinate intelligence gathering after the 2001 terror attacks.Department of Homeland Security officials pushed back hard on the report, calling it "out of date, inaccurate and misleading," and saying that they have addressed or corrected many of the problems.A former
fake cheap oakleys director of the San Diego center lost his job after spending nearly $75,000 on the flat screen televisions.Matthew Chandler, a Homeland Security Department spokesman, said the report misunderstands the role of federal government in supporting fusion centers and overlooks benefits to federal, state and local agencies."Homeland
cheap oakleys security begins with hometown security, and fusion centers
replica oakleys play a vital role in keeping communities safe all across America," he said.The San Diego Law Enforcement Coordination Center is one of four regional interagency centers in California. The others are in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Francisco.Officials in San Diego spent $25,000 on surveillance equipment, including two "shirt button cameras," according to
fake oakleys cheap the report’s review. Much of the high tech equipment was so complicated that the devices were exchanged for equipment that was easier to use, including cameras hidden in hats and water bottles.They were purchased "despite the fact that federal guidelines for fusion center key capabilities do not include covert or surreptitious intelligence gathering," the report says, although it notes the purchases were allowed under federal guidelines.The TVs were supposed to be used for an intelligence training program that was never purchased. Instead, they were used to display calendars and for what officials initially described as "open source monitoring."When the Senate subcommittee asked for a definition, officials said they meant "watching the news." They told the subcommittee they viewed the purchase as "a huge mistake."The San Diego center also spent nearly $200,000 on 116 computers and monitors, although it had only 80 employees assigned by various law enforcement agencies to work at the center. The officials said some of
fake oakley sunglasses cheap the equipment was used by law enforcement officers in other locations to access information from the fusion center.Homeland Security funds the fusion centers and oversees the California State Threat Assessment Center in Sacramento that coordinates them. It also serves as the liaison between the centers and the federal government.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:


100 Word Challenge

I was asked by Julia Skinner from the 100 Word Challenge to create some videos to show people how to blog and then how to submit it into the weekly challenge.


Once you have written the blog post, and it has been approved if necessary, then this video shows how to submit it to the 100wc.net website.




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